Did You know:

Living in the Village of Four Seasons has some tax perks! If you use Four Seasons as your address you will be charged 5.48% sales tax. Lake Ozark's tax rate is 8.23%. For those large purchases such as a car, you could save $27.50 for every $1000 spent. This savings should apply to your online purchases too!
Using Four Seasons as your address will also ensure this revenue is applied to your community rather than another municipality. This revenue maintains your hiking and biking paths, street lights, Sheriff's Department and the Village maintained parks & gardens, all in return helps your property value


MSHP Reminds State Drivers of Active Deer (lakemediaonline.com October 2018)

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reminds drivers that deer are more active and create hazards for Missouri motorists this time of year. An attempt to avoid striking a deer could result in a more serious crash involving oncoming traffic.
MSHP reminds motorist to try to remain calm during these incidents. Panicking and overreacting usually lead to more serious traffic crashes.
Last year, drivers in Missouri experienced 4,070 traffic crashes where deer-vehicle strikes occurred. One deer strike occurred every 2.2 hours in the state. In these crashes, there were seven fatalities and 400 people were injured. The majority of deer strike crashes occur in October and November each year, with the largest number taking place in November.  Although deer strikes can occur at any time, most occur between the hours of 5 p.m. and 6:59 a.m.
Remember: Rural areas are not the only place where deer/vehicle strikes occur. When you see a deer, slow down and proceed with caution.
Deer often travel in groups-stay on guard after a close call or when you see a single deer. Natural features also affect deer movement. In areas where there are streams or wooded corridors surrounded by farmland, look for more deer to cross roadways.
Deer behavior changes due to mating season, which may cause an increase in sightings and roadway crossings.
Hunting and crop harvesting may result in these animals being in places they aren't usually seen. Drivers are urged to remain alert.

Neighborhood Watch:

On September 7th, 2017 Arlene Page, Crime Prevention Specialist with the Camden County Sheriff's Office, made a presentation on Neighborhood Watch programs at the Community Center for members interested in this program. Mrs. Page stated a Neighborhood Watch Program will benefit the community of The Four Seasons if enough of the neighborhood volunteers work together on a proactive manner , and meet on a regular basis.
In order to keep crime down, the POA encourages you to support local law enforcement by being observant of things going on in your neighborhood. Neighborhood Watch Programs would be independent of the Association and would be made up of volunteer groups that are not selected, appointed, confirmed or controlled by the POA. 
Neighborhood Watch is one of the best known crime prevention programs in America. Its simple. Neighbors do what they ought to do - they get to know each other and keep an eye out for one another, working together to stop, prevent or at least discourage crime.
If your interested in forming a Neighborhood Watch, we recommend you organize at least 1/3 of your neighbors who are willing to participate in the program. You may go to our website, www.fourseasonspoa.com to download a Neighborhood Watch program form. Once that is accomplished, you can contact our office at 573-552-8334 to establish your neighborhood territory. Management will arrange for the Camden County Sheriff's office to meet with your group to provide the training needed and provide a Neighborhood Watch sign that will be erected in your neighborhood. 
Please remember the POA encourages Owners to participate in neighborhood watch programs, but such programs are not sanctioned by the POA and are not a means of providing "Security" to the community by the POA. 


Comprehensive Plan:



  • Approved on December 27, 2017 by Board of Trustees (Resolution 2017-04.)
  • Plan will be posted on Village of Four Seasons website in the near future.
  • Any questions you may have, contact the Village Clerk.
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