Released  March 24, 2020


Village of the Four Seasons and Four Seasons Lakesites POA Reduce Deer Populations to Protect Human Health and Safety 


Over 1500 pounds of venison provided to a local food bank.


Four Seasons, MO.—In a cooperative effort, the Village of Four Seasons, Four Seasons Lakesites POA, and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services concluded operations to reduce the overabundant white-tailed deer population that threaten a wide variety of resources and human health and safety.  Deer management activities were conducted in the four and one-half square miles of property that encompasses a large portion of Horseshoe Bend.  This operation provided more than 1500 pounds of venison to a local food pantry.


Overabundant deer populations do immense damage to vehicles and threaten human health and safety along the 42 miles of roadways.  Overabundant deer damage landscapes by feeding on vegetation and browsing on tree seedlings and ornamental plantings.


The overabundant deer population has been a continuing issue for both the Village and the POA. It has come up on recent POA surveys as a dominant issue as well as on the most recent Comprehensive Plan update conducted by the Village.  Several months ago, a well-attended public forum was held on this issue.  During the last few years, archery hunting has been allowed in pre-designated hunting areas, but without the result of significant lowering the deer population. 


This year’s deer removal operation was the second time deer were lethally removed from the Village of Four Seasons and Four Seasons POA and extensive safety measures were used to protect residents and neighbors during operations. Biologists, who are highly trained firearms experts from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, worked under the direction of Village of the Four Seasons and the Four Seasons POA and in coordination with the Missouri Department of Conservation and Camden County Sheriff’s office to safely and effectively remove a portion of the deer population.




Did You know:

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